I have a Beagle that sheds enough fur to make another dog in 2-3 days. I started using this brush and after a week of use, WOW what a difference. This thing really works and my dog really likes it too as it has cut down how many times he has to vacuum. He really hates the noise”

furminator de-shedding dog


“Well you should have seen what came out of my 3 dogs, i could have knitted myself a jacket, i have a semi long coat German Shepherd and it was very good on her, well worth it”!

The FURminator

Love Your Dog, Hate the Shedding?

*Recommended by Doctors for people with allergies
Allergy sufferers may breathe easier after your pet has had the FURminator Shed-Less treatment.

*Less mess and Stress for you and Your Dog
Spend more time with your pet and less money on those cleaning supplies after the FURminator shed-less treatment.

*Designed For Both Long and Short Haired Breeds.
The FURminator treatment will make you and your pet look and feel better. Within one to two treatments.

Schedule this special grooming appointment today and discover the joy of owning a clean, healthy and happy pet with the FURminator shed-less treatment.


See the Difference!


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